aicodix GmbH

Coded orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing television

COFDMTV is based on COFDM (coded orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing) technology:

Following modes are supported:

Using SPC(64800, 43072):

Using SPC(64512, 43072):

Payload must be smaller or equal to 5380 bytes.

JPEG, PNG and WebP image formats are supported.

Width and height are limited to between 16 and 1024 pixels.



You can install Shredpix from the Google Play Store:

See the manual for Shredpix here: manual

Shredpix converts images to COFDMTV encoded audio signals and is based on open-source software:



You can install Assempix from the Google Play Store:

See the manual for Assempix here: manual

Assempix decodes COFDMTV encoded audio signals to images and is based on open-source software:

Privacy Policy

To be able to decode COFDMTV encoded images the app needs access to the microphone.
Having access to the microphone is considered to be a sensitive permission and you
have the right to know what the app does with that access:
The data recorded from the microphone is only used to fed the COFDMTV decoder,
VU meter and the spectrum analyzer for visualization of its frequency content.
The app uses a very small temporary buffer in volatile memory and constantly
overwrites this buffer with new data from the microphone.
The resulting images from the COFDMTV decoder is the only data that gets stored
in persistent storage on your Android device.